Friday, November 12, 2004

Free stuff for your ears!

Just wanted to mention a really cool site dedicated to video game music remixes. Unlike other game remixes this guy really cooks up some hot stuff. So check it out macaronimusic , legal mp3 music to download!

Movie Review: Road to Perdition (2002)

Road to Perdition

The Cast

Directed by .... Sam Mendes
Tom Hanks .... Michael 'Mike' Sullivan
Paul Newman .... John Rooney
Daniel Craig .... Connor Rooney
Tyler Hoechlin .... Michael 'Mike' Sullivan, Jr.

The Review

This was Sam Mendes's second move after American Beauty. Again we were looking forward to this, but we were greatly disappointed. Not alot of characters in this film, it's based on a graphic novel which in turn was based on real people and real events. It's was a bit boring, it needed that certain something. Even the music was reused from American Beauty. Which was a cheap thing to do for such an expensive movie. We also think sticking to the theme of reusing, that all the cut-scenes should be reused and stuck back together and turned into "the road to perdition revisited: part 2". The best bit was the end. And we wish Tom hanks killed Daniel Craig character earlier on in the film so the whole farce would have ended quicker. And guess wot? Tom Hanks gets killed in the end, Ha Ha! Were not sorry we spoiled the ending as there was nothing to spoil. On a side note, we also didn't think that the make up department, didn't do a very good job of shaving Jude Laws head. As if it was a receding hair line, and the false teeth didn't make him look any more "ratty" than the usual. This film gets a poor...

The Verdict

4 / 10

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Movie Review: Maximum Risk (1996)

Maximum Risk

The Cast
Directed by .... Ringo Lam
Jean-Claude Van Damme .... Alain Moreau/Mikhail Suverov
Natasha Henstridge .... Alex Minetti
Jean-Hugues Anglade .... Sebastien
Paul Ben-Victor .... Agent Pellman
Frank Senger .... Agent Loomis

The Review

We already saw this film when it came out, but didn't remember it that much. After seeing again recently, we must admit it was a pretty good film. The opening scene stars with a chase through a french village. It was nicely shot, pretty exciting really. It's one of those films where vandam discovers once again to his surprise and ours, that he has a twin brother, that he didn't know and is now trying to get in touch with him. Unfortunately his brother dies before they meet. The next half of the film is set in America, with vandam trying to find out who his brother really was. All is revealed in the end with a twist. Good film, lots of action, recommended. This film gets a maximum ...

The Verdict

7 / 10

Free Stuff!

As we couldn't find alot of new linux games, we decided to plug the following: "Game Success texture collection" Which should come in handy for anyone creating 3d games. The quality is good and you can't beat the price, the license agreement is good also, so check it out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Game Review: Scalar


Home Page:

Scalar is similar to focus point puzzle of Pandora's Box game. The goal of the game is to assemble the picture from pieces. Each picture is divided into pieces which are shuffled. You need to get each piece back to its original position. You accomplish that by swapping pieces (exchanging their positions). You have a limited number of swappings for each picture. The game provides some pictures, but anyone can add images from their hard-disk/cd/whatever which makes the game playable for hours.

The Verdict:
Fun to be had on a large scale!

Movie Review: King Arthur (2004)

King Arthur

The Cast
Directed by .... Antoine Fuqua
Clive Owen .... Arthur
Ioan Gruffudd .... Lancelot
Mads Mikkelsen .... Tristan
Joel Edgerton .... Gawain
Hugh Dancy .... Galahad
Ray Winstone .... Bors
Ray Stevenson .... Dagonet
Keira Knightley .... Guinevere

The Review

We don't watch a lot of trendy just out now modern films. So this was another exception for us. There was quite a lot of hype about this film in magazines etc. So we thought we would check it out. This film looked like it was shot on the cheap. We don't know where the rest of the 100 million dollars went, overall this film was like a bad episode of Xena. All it needed was some signing, like Arthur and Guinevere serenading each other. But seriously the problem with his film was, it was very historically incorrect. In fact every single thing about it was incorrect. If it was meant to be fantasy and not fact then this point wouldn't have been important. Basically it was made up of bits of Conan the Barbarian (Which incidentally was one of the best film ever made) Bravehart and Gladiator. We think Mr Franzoni should concentrate on writing a better script next time with a bit more fact and less fantasy. The music was also regurgitated drivel wich is what you come to expect from Hans Zimmer with comedic titles such as "Another brick in Hadrian's wall" and the classic "Do you think I'm Saxon?" to name but a few. This drastically insulted our intelligence. Some body should make a parody of King Arthur and re-use the mentioned titles for parody music.

The Verdict

5 / 10

Movie Review: Armageddon (1998)


The Cast
Directed by .... Michael Bay
Bruce Willis .... Harry S. Stamper
Billy Bob Thornton .... Dan Truman, NASA Administrator
Ben Affleck .... A.J. Frost
Liv Tyler .... Grace Stamper
Will Patton .... Charles 'Chick' Chapple
Steve Buscemi .... Rockhound
William Fichtner .... Colonel William Sharp, Shuttle Freedom Pilot
Owen Wilson .... Oscar Choi, Geologist
Michael Clarke Duncan .... Jayotis 'Bear' Kurleenbear
Peter Stormare .... Lev Andropov, Russian Cosmonaut

The Review
It's taken us a long time to get around to watching this film. We weren't expecting much but it turned out to be a pretty good film. Very watchable entertaining and good special effects. Just mindless entertainment. We felt a bit sorry for Bruce Willis being left to die on the asteroid and we think Ben Affleck should have taken his place. (That would have been a much better ending) Overall a typical Bruce Willis action movie, where as usual he saves the day or the world in this case.

The Verdict

8 / 10

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Movie Review: Cleopatra (1963)


The Cast
Directed by .... Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Elizabeth Taylor .... Cleopatra
Richard Burton .... Marc Antony
Rex Harrison .... Julius Caesar
Martin Landau .... Rufio
Roddy McDowall .... Caesar Augustus (Octavian)

The Review

A classic Hollywood film of epic proportions. Maybe it should have been watched by the director of Troy. (maybe it would have given him some good ideas.) 4 hours long, it takes up most of a good day of viewing time. The first half was pretty good up untill caesar gets killed. Then it starts up again from the beginning as if your watching another film. It should have been split into two parts for easier viewing. Nice sets, looked expensive. Lots of people and avery good clear camera lens. Even though it was a love story along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, we didn't feel the love. Richard Burton hammed it up abit with his performance. Overall a very good film with a dramatic ending but much to long for todays soundbyte viewing tolerance level. We suggest a remake is needed maybe with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas as Julius Caesar and George Clooney as Marc Antony.

The Verdict

8 / 10

Game Review: Offender


Home Page:

Offender is a 2d space shooter a bit like galaga. In it you're one ship against hundreds of aliens fighting to the death (or in your cause: fighting to the third death). Eight levels and three difficulty settings. Written in C and requires GTK+ and GLib

The Verdict:
A very offensive game!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Game Review: KnoGa


Home Page:

KnoGa is a dice game, using the SDL library. It is similar to old game "Yahtzee".

The Verdict:
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Game Review: Molecule Man

Home Page:

Molecule Man is a remake of a game orginally released for the ZX Spectrum in 1986. You play Molecule Man, and your mission is to escape from the deadly radiation filled maze by collecting circuits for the teleporter. Coins can be found within the maze that can be used to buy anti-radiation pills to extend your life, or to buy bombs which will allow access to otherwise unreachable parts of the maze.

The Verdict:

Movie Review: Casablanca (1942)


The Cast
Directed by .... Michael Curtiz
Humphrey Bogart .... Rick Blaine
Ingrid Bergman .... Ilsa Lund Laszlo
Paul Henreid .... Victor Laszlo
Claude Rains .... Capt. Louis Renault
Conrad Veidt .... Maj. Heinrich Strass
Sydney Greenstreet .... Signor Ferrari

The Review
When we heard that Jennifer Lopez had bought the rights to this movie so that she and Ben Affleck could star in the remake we thought we should check out the original. A really good film, best enjoyed with a bottle of red Italian wine (not french) with candle light, a nice dinner and the lights off. You have probably seen it already, we cant find no faults with it. A Golden oldie with humorous black comedy elements. Very romantic and defiantly needs a remake. So we will defiantly be watching out for one in the future.

The Verdict

10 / 10

Friday, September 24, 2004

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

We just finished browsing IMDB's coverage of the Emmy awards 2004 and it came to our attention that Donald Trump and Martin Sheen must have been separated at birth. We have conclusive evidence in the picture below.

On the right you see Donald Trump with Martin Sheen on the right. Maybe in the future it would be nice to see them staring together in a martial arts movie (Like Van Damme) where they play twins. We think Donald trump could finance the movie.